Full on WhiteMay 2, 2017

The first question you might ask is, ‘what’s ChiralLogic?’ ‘Why that name and what does it mean?’ So that I don’t insult those who remember their college Chemistry class, I will forego a complete explanation . I’ve always been fascinated that asymmetries in molecular structure lead to physical differences in the natural world. With a little poetic license it’s easy to see this same concept reflected in the informational and perceptional differences various players bring to reimbursement decisions. In THEORY everyone agrees that we need new innovative medicines. In PRACTICE we simply lack the appropriate language to ring-fence the analysis and speak coherently about Value in the Global Context. And, whether a blessing or a curse, with the years of experience that I have, I can see things both as they are and as they could be…another application of the ChiralLogic theme.

So who are we? And why do I keep switching nouns? (I admit it’s annoying) The answer is simple, but it depends. I will certainly be the center of every ChiralLogic project. For the most part I will be chief strategist, slide maker, Excel jockey, and bottle washer. I can and will engage my network for cutting edge solutions and to pressure test my recommendations. I’d also like to engage in bigger projects, ones where we might need geographic or simply extra hands to get work done. Thus, depending on the size and scope of the engagement, working together, we’ll determine which parts of my global network we should bring to bear. I’ve spent the last two months cultivating my network and have firm commitments of help from colleagues I’ve worked with around the world to successfully negotiate market access at optimized prices.

For more information please contact me via http://www.chirallogic.com/contact

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