Market Access and Launch Strategy form some of the most transformative elements of your marketing mix. In the modern biopharma industry much of the hard work in developing products centers around establishing and building the product, device, or service’s value proposition. To that end Chiral Logic can help:

  • Develop early-stage Go/No Go clinical endpoints
  • Provide incremental clinical endpoints or study designs to dramatically improve payer/payor adoption at and following launch
  • Create your managed markets go-to-market strategy
  • Create profitability measured patient out-of-pocket targets and corresponding contracting, coupon, Relay Health®, and patient access program designs
  • Help design pharmacoeconomic studies that make a difference in comparing your product to the gold standard treatment
  • Create or oversee the production of necessary managed markets launch documentation (AMCP dossier, Global Value Dossier, and supporting value-justifying studies)

For more information: Access and Launch Strategy sell sheet 10022017