We’ve been both consultant and client for major biopharmaceutical pricing projects. We’ve seen the good and the bad. We can optimize our methodologies to your favored approach. The core of our approach is:


  • All materials and conversations with payers conducted by the principals (there are no Jr. level staff to handoff research to)
  • Strong preference for small N studies – the massive consolidation of U.S. payers means that most ‘lives’ can be covered sufficiently through 10 to 12 interviews
  • Ability to partner with ex-colleagues from around the world to quickly evaluate payor value for your product
  • Read-out tied to plan size and overall market influence (blinded)
  • Ability to reach the outspoken and influential Pharmacy and Therapeutic committee members at key plans
  • Slides with impact – we know what works internally and can help you craft your optimal messaging


  • Ability to do both Qual and Quant research
  • Understand the times to do Quant and the times to rely on sufficient Qual (won’t ‘upsell’ unnecessary Quant)
  • Experience with SPSS for advanced data reporting
  • Key contacts with quant providers to assist in post-hoc analysis should that be desired
  • Ability to tie Quant results to Gross-to-net by month/quarter for commercial forecasting

For more information: new product pricing sell sheet 10022017