With the rise of High Deductible plans and the further complication of payer benefits many have seen their out-of-pocket expenses rising over the last few years. Our experience includes:

  • New product launch out-of-pocket benefit design
    • Monitoring
    • Data reporting
    • Voucher vs. copay card optimization
    • Copay vs. Relay Health optimization
  • Existing program updates and optimization
    • For profitability
    • For market share
    • In light of competitive launch
  • Expertise in both physical cards, on-line application, and in-pharmacy (virtual) programs
  • Extensive work with Legal and Compliance partners (can help you work with other parts of your organization to improve OIG readiness)
  • Innovative program design across channels (specialty, retail)
  • Ability to perform comprehensive program audits to assess business rule compliance
  • With ties to many of the most influential players in the copay card business we can work with you to achieve your goals whether they be to grow your brand or maximize profitability

For more information: Patient Copay Optimization sell sheet 10022017