May 1, 2017

Joshua Parks, Ex-Allergan and Bausch+Lomb global pricing executive, launches ChiralLogic today. ChiralLogic will help growing biopharma companies set better prices and achieve better access at launch and throughout the product life-cycle.

For the last 15 years, Josh optimized U.S. and Ex-U.S. prices for public and private companies. Fortunately for our clients, the numerous corporate shakeups, acquisitions, and divestitures have created a truly global network of excellent partners with whom we’ve negotiated profitable access in the past.

Throughout my career I’ve consistently:

  • established or improved corporate pricing discipline through consensus-driven pricing approval processes
  • worked cross-functionally with partners from brand/commercial teams, finance, distribution/trade, legal, compliance, development, regulatory, and others throughout the organization
  • incrementally provided both high level strategies and the finest detailed tactics to improve profitability

ChiralLogic will be a platform for a number of innovative pricing, market access, and patient assistance innovations in the coming years. Currently the focus is:

I’ve been the executive sponsor, day-to-day project manager, and consultant for these kinds of projects and know what it takes to get them done while maximizing their value within the organization.

More information is available at

To contact Josh directly please see


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